Monday, December 18, 2017
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The Relax and Get Rich Story

I teach you how to RELAX GET WEALTHY. After helping over 1,000 Heart, Stroke, and Cancer patients in hospitals deal with relaxation and health, I give people the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

What I Have Done (My Background)

I have a 30+ years in Sales and Stress management.
Shared the stage with Deepak Chopra, Talk with World Renown Speaker
Les Brown about Pure Relaxation and helped over 1,000 Heart, Stroke, and Cancer patients in hospitals deal with Relaxation and Health.

How I Help You (My specialization)

  • I help you ERASE overwhelm.
  • I help you claim the 65% of profits you are leaving on the TABLE.
  • I help you to Live a Healthy, Happy Lifestyle so that you can feel like a teenager again.
  • I help you manifest your Dreams using My Grandma’s legacy.

Who I Will Never Work With

  • People who want to have a baby but don’t want to endure the pregnancy.
  • People who have made money, but are not interested in learning to slow down naturally.
  • People who are looking for answers in the HEAD instead of the Heart

Who I Will Always Work With

  • Entrepreneurs who are always in a hurry and want to SLOW DOWN.
  • People who are Purpose-and Passion-driven and want to make this world a better place.
  • People who tend to PLEASE OTHERS FIRST, but would like to be SELFISH without feeling guilty.
  • People who want to put the fire back into their INTIMACY.
  • People who want internal peace VS looking for answers on the outside.
  • People who want to experience and practice UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
  • People who want to get to the ROOT CAUSE of their challenges.
  • People who want to live by FAITH VS Leaning on Certainty.

How I work With You

  • Affluent women I help via Group and Private Coaching and Mentoring.
  • Small business owners I help via Group and Private Consulting.

Do You Fit The Following Criteria

  • I work with the HEART not the HEAD.
  • Small business owners earning $250,000 + who want to increase their profits by Working Hard at Being Smart.
  • Small business owners who want to Learn to Listen to their Inner Voice.

I have a problem with people trying to learn to meditate when they have no idea how to relax.

Get started with the 7 Pitfalls of Not Being Able to Slow Down FREE ebook. When you read the 7 Pitfalls of Not Being Able to Slow Down, you will discover why slowing down is the key to success.



About Cecil McIntosh

Cecil McIntosh, owner of Relax and Get Rich, Mentor and Business Coach teaching HIS Grandma’s Legacy to successful women entrepreneurs and small business owners to GET UNSTUCK with the 7 Pitfalls of Not Being Able to Slow Down and enjoy a RICH REWARDING PERSONAL LIFE that they like to call “Naughty and Delicious.”

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